Friday, 30 November 2012

One Direction - 2013 World Tour - Set List

This is what I would like to see from One Direction's 2013 world tour.
  1. C'mon, C'mon
  2. Up All Night
  3. Kiss You
  4. One Thing
  5. Last First Kiss
  6. Change My Mind
  7. Rock Me
  8. Tell Me A Lie
  9. Moments
  10. Gotta Be You
  11. More Than This
  12. Little Things
  13. I Want/I Would
  14. Save You Tonight
  15. Back For You
  16. They Don't Know About Us
  17. Over Again
  18. What Makes You Beautiful
  19. ENCORE
  20. Live While We're Young

An Idiot Abroad 3 - Extended Trailer

I have waited all year for this and it is finally starting tomorrow.

Robbie Williams - Live At The O2 - Trailer

Hopefully this concert, which aired on Sky, will get a DVD/CD release.

One Direction - Take Me Home - Full Album - Audio

One Direction's full new album, 'Take Me Home'.

Rihanna - Diamonds - Gergor Salto Downtempo Remix

Another 'Diamonds' remix.

Rihanna - Diamonds - Dave Aude 100 Extended Mix

Remix of Rihanna's 'Diamonds'.

Rihanna - Half Of Me - Lyrics

Rihanna's bonus track from her album 'Unapologetic' was written by Emeli Sandé.

Half Of Me
E. Sandé, S. Khan, Eriksen, Hermansen

You saw me on a television
Setting fire to all the buildings
Yeah I guess you saw me stealing
But you've no idea what I've been needing
Talk about when we were children
Not the kinda kid that you believe in
You saw me on a television
Saw me on a television

That's just the half of it
Yeah you saw the half of it
This is the life I live
And that's just the half of it
You saw me on a television
Hanging on my dirty linen
You're entitled to your own opinion
Said you shake your head in my decision
I guess the kinda songs that I been singing
Make it seem as if I'm always winning
But you saw me on a television
Yeah you saw on a television

But that's just the half of it
You saw the half of it, yeah
This is the life I live
And that's just the half of it

Oh you know me, I'm the life of the party
Beautiful people surround me
Everybody falling in love
Oh you know me, everybody knows that I'm crazy
Sticks and stones, they never break me
And I'm the type that don't give a fuck

And that's just the half of it
You saw the half of it
Yeah this the life I live
And that's just the half of it

Yeah you saw the half of it
And this is the life I live
You saw the half of it
Only the half of it, hey, no...

You saw me on a television
Saw me on a television

Rihanna - Pour It Up - Single Cover

Rihanna continues to live up to her "good girl gone bad" title. Earlier today, the superstar singer posted a photo of what might be her next single. In it, the singer is topless, looking forlornly while covering her mouth with a $1 bill. Fans quickly showed their support for the racy image. "You're GORGEOUS!!!" shared one on Instagram while another added, "Beauty is her name."

Rihanna - Pour It Up - Audio

This could be Rihanna's next single seeing as she release a picture of what looks like the single cover. I'd be interested to see what she does with a music video for this song.

Will.I.Am & Britney Spears - Scream & Shout - Music Video

New single from Will.I.Am featuring Britney Spears.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Rihanna - Diamonds - X Factor Performance

Rihanna gives an amazing performance of 'Diamonds' on X Factor.

Robbie Williams - Different - Audio

New single from Robbie Williams.

Robbie Williams - Take The Crown Promo Concert - Review

After he arrives on stage, it takes Robbie Williams all of about four minutes – not enough time to actually finish the opening Let Me Entertain You – to ask the audience if they still love him. They answer loudly in the affirmative, but it's rather a foregone conclusion.

Plenty of pop stars decide they aren't that interested in mainstream fame, as Williams seemed to do around the time of his 2006 album Rudebox, and plenty of them subsequently change their minds, but very few actually succeed in getting it back, which Williams also seems to have done: his ninth album Take The Crown has topped the charts, as did his single Candy.

He certainly worked for it: it's hard to think of another pop star in recent times who's seemed so openly desperate for their new album to be a success. They tend to affect an aura of cool disinterest about commercial success, but the ability to affect a cool disinterest has never really been one of Williams's strong points. First, he cajoled, intimating that he might give up music altogether if Take The Crown wasn't an enormous smash, then he started turning up everywhere: collecting gongs at award ceremonies, switching on the Oxford Street Christmas lights, doling out advice and performing on X Factor.

It all paid off: tonight's show has an understandably triumphal air about it. The staging is high camp hubris. There are six huge disco mirrorballs in the shape of Williams's head and a hydraulic stage in the shape of a crown. At one juncture, he mounts a pulpit decorated with the Take That logo, in front of a huge fake stained-glass window with fire belching out of it and delivers a speech about the boyband's formation to the strains of Also Sprach Zarathustra.

Anything from Rudebox or its more thoughtful predecessor Intensive Care has been expunged from the setlist, leaving a gig comprised largely of huge hit singles: Rock DJ, Come Undone, Feel, She's The One, the latter one of three songs he performs with his former co-writer, Guy Chambers, playing piano.

When Chambers appears, it's a rather touching moment – the pair famously fell out in the middle of the Noughties – but the rest of the time, Williams plays it for laughs: cracking jokes about Rudebox and his relationship with Geri Halliwell, doing a Norman Wisdom walk, illustrating Mr Bojangles with a burst of the Gangnam Style dance, chastising a member of the audience whose celebratory air-punch, he notes, looks troublingly like a Nazi salute.

It all suggests that at 38, Williams has decided to embrace what he always was, but appeared most troubled by the prospect of being: a sort of cross between a pop star and a light entertainer. If that sounds like an insult, it's not intended as one: the prerequisite of a light entertainer is that they're entertaining, which Williams's live show really is.
The flaming stained-glass window aside, there's not much of the big visual gimmickry that tends to mark out pop shows: it relies on Williams's personality and arsenal of hits to carry it, which they do. The audience lap it up. "It's still the same!" he yells delightedly, as the arena becomes a sea of waving hands during Millennium. It is, which is a not-unimpressive feat.

Olly Murs - Right Place, Right Time - Audio

One of my favourites from Olly Murs new album.

Olly Murs - Right Place, Right Time - Album Sampler

Here is some samples from Olly Murs new album.

George Michael - Gospel Medley - Symphonica Tour, 6th November 2012

Here is George Michael with his band performing a vocal gospel medley.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Phillip Phillips - Gone, Gone, Gone - Audio

This is a great song from Phillip Phillips debut album.

McFly - Memory Lane: The Best Of McFly - Tracklisting

Here is the official tracklisting for McFly's upcoming greatest hits album.
  1. Love Is Easy
  2. Shine A Light (feat. Taio Cruz)
  3. Party Girl
  4. Falling In Love
  5. Do Ya
  6. Lies
  7. One For The Radio
  8. The Heart Never Lies
  9. Transylvania
  10. Friday Night
  11. Star Girl
  12. Don't Stop Me Now
  13. I'll Be Ok
  14. All About You
  15. Room On The 3rd Floor
  16. Obviously
  17. Five Colours In Her Hair
  18. Do Watcha
  19. Cherry Cola
  20. That Girl [Original 2003 Demo]
  21. Obviously [Original 2003 Demo]
  22. Memory Lane
Bonus Disc
  1. Umbrella
  2. Lola (feat. Busted)
  3. The Guy Who Turned Her Down
  4. Get Over You
  5. You've Got A Friend
  6. No Worries
  7. Silence Is A Scary Sound [Live At The Manchester Arena 2006]
  8. Sunny Side Of The Street [Demo]
  9. Memory Lane [Live At The Manchester Arena 2006]
  10. Surfer Babe
  11. Ignorance
  12. Down Down [Demo]
  13. Mess Around You [Demo]
  14. Easy Way Out
  15. Rockin' Robin
  16. POV
  17. She Loves You
  18. Mr. Brightside
  19. Little Joanna
  20. Bubblewrap
  21. Five Colours In Her Hair [U.S Version]

McFly - Memory Lane: The Best Of McFly - Album Art

Here is the official cover of McFly's forthcoming Greatest Hits album.

PSY - Gangnam Style - Music Video

The massive internet hit, 'Gangnam Style' by PSY.

Robbie Williams - Take The Crown 02 Concert Series - London, England

Here is the set list from Robbie Williams recent concert tour at London's 02 to promote the new album 'Take The Crown'. 
  1. Hey Wow Yeah Yeah
  2. Let Me Entertain You
  3. Lazy Days
  4. 2001/Karma Killer
  5. Candy
  6. Rock DJ
  7. Gospel
  8. Monsoon
  9. Eternity
  10. Mr. Bojangles
  11. She's The One
  12. Be A Boy
  13. Come Undone
  14. Bodies
  15. Feel
  16. Not Like The Others
  17. Millennium
  18. Hot Fudge
  19. Kids
  20. ENCORE
  21. Strong
  22. Different
  23. Angels
  24. Losers

Ricky Gervais & Karl Pilkington - Shortlist Interview

Very funny interview with Ricky Gervais & Karl Pilkington.

Rihanna - Lost In Paradise - Audio

Rihanna's 'Lost In Paradise' from her new album 'Unapologetic'.

Rihanna - Half Of Me - Audio

Here is 'Half Of Me', Rihanna's bonus track from her new album 'Unapologetic'. This song was co-written with Emeli Sandé.

Alicia Keys - Brand New Me - iTunes Festival 2012 - Performance

Alicia Keys performing 'Brand New Me' at iTunes Festival 2012.

Alicia Keys - Brand New Me - Audio

This is a new song from Alicia Keys new album, 'Girl On Fire'. The album is very dark, but I like this song.

Olly Murs - Troublemaker - VEVO Go Shows

Here is Olly Murs performing his new single 'Troublemaker' acoustic in New York.

Jessie J - Silver Lining (Crazy 'Bout You) - Music Video

New single from Jessie J.

An Idiot Abroad 3 - MSN Interview

Here is an interview with Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and Warwick Davis about the upcoming series of An Idiot Abroad.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love - Music Video

Here is Ed Sheeran's new music video for his amazing song 'Give Me Love'. This will be the last song released from his debut album '+'.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rihanna - 777 Tour - 02 Arena, London - November 17, 2012 - Set List

This was an amazing setlist featuring lots of new songs from the brand new album and hits.
  1. Diamonds
  2. Where Have You Been
  3. What's My Name
  4. Jump
  5. Right Now
  6. You Da One
  7. Numb
  8. Unfaithful
  9. Get It Over With
  10. Loveeeee Song
  11. Only Girl (In The World)
  12. Talk That Talk
  13. Don't Stop The Music
  14. Man Down
  15. Drunk On Love
  16. Disturbia
  17. Pour It Up
  18. Rude Boy
  19. Roc Me Out
  20. Phresh Out The Runway
  21. Te Amo
  22. Stay
  23. S&M
  24. California King Bed
  25. Nobody's Business
  26. Umbrella
  27. We Found Love

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christina Aguilera - Let There Be Love - Audio

I love this song and really hope it is the next single.

The Script - Hall Of Fame - Music Video

New single from The Script featuring Will.I.Am

Stooshe - Black Heart - Music Video

I quite like this song.

Phillip Phillips - The World From The Side Of The Moon - Tracklist

Here is the tracklist for Phillip Phillips debut album.
  1. Man On The Moon
  2. Home
  3. Gone, Gone, Gone
  4. Hold On
  5. Tell Me A Story
  6. Get Up, Get Down
  7. Where We Came From
  8. Drive Me
  9. Wanted Is Love
  10. Can't Go Wrong
  11. A Fool's Dance
  12. So Easy

Phillip Phillips - Where We Came From - Audi

New song from Phillip Phillips.

Rihanna - Right Now - Audio

Brilliant song from Rihanna's new album 'Unapologetic'. I am hoping that this will be the second single.

Whitney Houston - Never Give Up - Lyric Video

Personally I don't like this song and think it should have remained unreleased. However this song features on Whitney's new Best Of collection.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Rihanna - Diamonds World Tour - Set List

Here is what I would like to see from Rihanna's 'Diamonds World Tour'. Seeing as she didn't tour her 'Talk That Talk' album the set list heavily features tracks from both 'Talk That Talk' and 'Unapologetic'. The set features alot of album tracks and fan favourites in the first half, but featuring only hits in the second. 
  1. Phresh Off The Runway
  2. Right Now (feat. David Guetta)
  3. Who's That Chick (feat. David Guetta) (on selected European Dates)
  4. Numb (feat. Eminem on screen)
  5. Cockiness (Love It)
  6. Loveeeee Song (feat. Future & containing excerpt of ‘Push Up On Me’ and ‘Te Amo’)
  7. S&M (containing excerpts of ‘Jump’)
  8. Talk That Talk
  9. What Now
  10. California King Bed
  11. Stay
  12. Where Have You Been
  13. Medley I
    1. Only Girl (In The World)
    2. SOS
    3. Pon De Replay (containing excerpts of ‘You Da One’ and ‘Who’s That Chick’)
    4. Nobody’s Business
    5. Don’t Stop The Music
  14. Shut Up And Drive
  15. Hard (containing excerpts of ‘Live Your Life’ and ‘All Of The Lights’)
  16. Disturbia
  17. What’s My Name
  18. Medley II
    1. Take A Bow
    2. Hate That I Love You
    3. Unfaithful
    4. Take Care
  19. Love The Way You Lie (Part II)
  20. Diamonds
  21. Umbrella
  22. ENCORE
  23. Run This Town (Opening & Chorus into ‘We Found Love’)
  24. We Found Love

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Rihanna - 777 Tour - El Plaza Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico - Set List

Here is the set list that Rihanna performed in Mexico as part of her 777 Tour to promote her new album 'Unapologetic'. 
  1. Cockiness (Love It)
  2. Birthday Cake
  3. Talk That Talk
  4. The Wait Is Over
  5. Man Down
  6. Only Girl (In The World)
  7. Disturbia
  8. S&M
  9. Phresh Out The Runway
  10. Unfaithful
  11. Take A Bow
  12. Hate That I Love You
  13. Where Have You Been
  14. What's My Name?
  15. Run This Town/Live Your Life/All Of The Lights
  16. Diamonds
  17. ENCORE
  18. We Found Love
  19. Umbrella

Monday, 12 November 2012

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rihanna - Stay - Saturday Night Live - Performance

I love this performance. Rihanna sounds and looks amazing singing a great performance for the first time of new album track 'Stay'.

Rihanna - Diamonds - Music Video

Here is the new music video for 'Diamonds'. I'm not really sure what the video is about (if anything) but I like it alot.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Christina Aguilera - Lotus Tour - Setlist

This is what I would like to see from Christina Aguilera's Lotus Tour.

  1. Lotus Intro
  2. Army Of Me
  3. Fighter
  4. Your Body
  5. Get Mine, Get Yours (containing elements of ‘WooHoo’)
  6. Dirrty
  7. Cease Fire
  8. Ain’t No Other Man (contains elements of ‘What A Girl Wants’)
  9. Can’t Hold Us Down
  10. Let There Be Love
  11. Jazz Medley
    1. Come On Over (All I Want)
    2. Genie In A Bottle
    3. Lady Marmalade
  12. Candyman
  13. Blank Page
  14. Beautiful
  15. Hurt
  16. Not Myself Tonight
  17. All Around The World
  18. Make The World Move
  19. ENCORE
  20. Sing For Me
  21. The Voice Within

One Direction - Little Things - X Factor USA - Performance

One Direction perform their new single on X Factor USA.

One Direction - Live While We're Young - X Factor USA - Performance

One Direction performing 'Live While We're Young' on X Factor USA.

Christina Aguilera - Lotus - Preview

This is an amazing album.

One Direction - Little Things - Music Video

Here is the new music video from One Direction.

Rihanna - Unapologetic - Tracklisting

This is the tracklisting for Rihanna's new album 'Unapologetic'.
  1. Phresh Out The Runway
  2. Diamonds
  3. Numb (feat. Eminem)
  4. Pour It Up
  5. Loveeeeee Song (feat. Future)
  6. Jump
  7. Right Now (feat. David Guetta)
  8. What Now
  9. Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko)
  10. Nobody's Business (feat. Chris Brown)
  11. Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary
  12. Get It Over With
  13. No Love Allowed
  14. Lost In Paradise