Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars - Audio

New single from Coldplay.

Frankmusik - By Nicole Tour - Set List

This is what I would like to see from a tour to promote 'By Nicole' by Frankmusik. It would be great to hear the brilliant songs from the 'By Nicole' album, but it would also be great to hear some old hits and favourites. Also included are some lesser known tracks, such as the brilliant Daft Punk tribute track 'Our Discovery'. 
  1. White Table (Introduction - contains elements of 'Ephemeral Summer' - blends into start of next song)
  2. Fire
  3. The Fear Inside
  4. Map
  5. Misdemeanor
  6. Better Off As Two
  7. Go (last chorus stops suddenly and becomes ‘Struck By Lightning’)
  8. Fast As I Can
  9. Captain
  10. Ephemeral Summer
    1. Cut Me Down
    2. Chasing Shadows
    3. Confusion Girl
    4. Hurt You Again
    5. In Step (first chorus band returns)
  12. These Streets
  13. Fly Tonight
  14. Crash And Burn
  15. Stabilizher/Hate Your Love
  16. No ID
  17. Our Discovery
  18. Do It In The AM
  19. ENCORE
  20. We End (Instrumental)/Dear Nicole
  21. 3 Little Words

Monday, 28 April 2014

Conor Maynard - Waves - Video

New cover from Conor Maynard.

Jay Z & Beyonce - On The Run Tour - Set List

This is what I would like to see from Jay Z and Beyonce's 'On The Run' Tour.

  1. Introduction Video (contains excerpts of ‘Drunk In Love’, ‘Part II (On The Run)’ and ’03 Bonnie & Clyde’)
  2. Picasso Baby [J]
  3. Holy Grail [J] (features Justin Timberlake on screen/video edit version)
  4. Tom Ford [J] (end stops suddenly and starts with the horns from next song, resulting in Beyoncé’s entrance)
  5. Crazy In Love [B&J]
  6. 03’ Bonnie & Clyde [B&J]
  7. Part II (On The Run) [J&B]
  8. Flawless [B] (features Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on screen)
  9. XO [B]
  10. Interlude I (contains elements of ‘Niggas In Paris’)
  11. Otis [J] (features Kanye West on screen)
  12. You Don’t Know/Crown/On To The Next One (Medley) [J]
  13. 99 Problems [J]
  14. Jigga My Nigga/Nigga What, Nigga Who [J]
  15. Public Service Announcement [J]
  16. Young Forever [J]
  17. Interlude II (contains elements of ‘Ghost’)
  18. Yonce/Get Me Bodied/Partition [B] (Medley)
  19. Countdown (opening only)/Diva/Ego [B]
  20. Blow [B]
  21. Run The World (Girls) [B]
  22. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) [B]
  23. Heaven [B]
  24. Halo [B]
  25. Interlude III (contains elements of ‘Encore’)
  26. Izzo (H.O.V.A) [J]
  27. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) [J]
  28. Interlude IV (contains elements of ‘Empire State Of Mind’)
  29. Run This Town [J&B]
  30. ENCORE
  31. Drunk In Love [B&J]

Paloma Faith - Perfect Contradiction Tour - Set List

This is what I would like to see from Paloma Faith's tour to promote her current album.
  1. It's The Not Knowing
  2. Mouth To Mouth
  3. Other Woman
  4. Trouble With My Baby
  5. Blood Sweat & Tears
  6. Let Me Down Easy
  7. Only Love Can Hurt Like This
  8. 30 Minute Love Affair
  9. Upside Down
  10. Love Only Leaves You Lonely
  11. Never Tear Us Apart 
  12. Take Me
  13. Stone Cold Sober
  14. Beauty At The End
  15. Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful
  16. Black And Blue
  17. Smoke And Mirrors
  18. Just Be
  19. Picking Up The Pieces
  20. Can't Rely On You
  21. ENCORE
  22. When You're Gone

Paloma Faith - Only Love Can Hurt Like This - Music Video

Music video for Paloma Faith's new single, 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This'.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

McBusted - McBusted Tour - Set List

Here is the set list from McBusted's tour.
  1. Air Hostess
  2. Crash And Burn
  3. Britney
  4. Who's David
  5. 5 Colours In Her Hair
  6. Obviously
  7. Sleeping With The Light On
  8. Star Girl
  9. Nerdy
  10. Room On The 3rd Floor
  11. Thunderbirds Are Go
  12. I Want You Back
  13. Shine A Light
  14. What I Go To School For
  15. ENCORE
  16. Crashed The Wedding
  17. All About You
  18. Year 3000

One Direction - Where We Are Tour - Official Set List

This is the official set list from One Direction's world tour. Its good to see so many new songs with the big hits.
  1. Midnight Memories
  2. Little Black Dress
  3. Kiss You
  4. Why Don't We Go There
  5. Rock Me
  6. Don't Forget Where You Belong
  7. Live While We're Young
  8. C'mon, C'mon
  9. Right Now
  10. Through The Dark
  11. Happily
  12. Little Things
  13. Moments
  14. Strong
  15. Better Than Words
  16. Alive
  17. One Thing
  18. Diana
  19. What Makes You Beautiful
  20. You And I
  21. Story Of My Life
  22. Little White Lies
  23. Best Song Ever

Hunter Hayes - You Think You Know Somebody - Audio

New song from Hunter Hayes.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Katy Perry - Birthday - Music Video

Video for the new Katy Perry single, 'Birthday'.

Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down - Music Video

New single from Rita Ora.

Paloma Faith - Only Love Can Hurt Like This - Off The Cuff - Video

Brilliant performance from Paloma Faith.

Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar - It's On Again - Music Video

I like this song a lot.

Archer: Vice - Reboot A Mistake And Season 6

Archer will always be the same hilariously self-centered and egotistic Archer. A leopard (or tiger?) won't change his spots. But FX's animated comedy underwent a radical reboot for its fifth season, which concluded in the States yesterday (April 21).

The premiere a few months ago saw the FBI raid ISIS and force the agency to disband, only for ISIS's finest (RIP Brett) to form a cartel with the intention of selling a literal tonne of cocaine. Titled Archer: Vice, the show dispatched of the goofy espionage missions in favour of goofy long-running arcs following the gang's life of crime.

Although season four wasn't Archer's strongest run, the tried-and-tested spy format of previous seasons still had plenty of life left, so the reboot - bold and daring as it was - wasn't the most necessary of moves and could have backfired badly. Interestingly, creator Adam Reed confirmed that the comedy will 'deboot' and mostly return to its old ways next year, but let's be clear: this season wasn't bad. Sure, some things fell a little flat, but it still succeeded in drawing plenty of laughs.

This was largely down to the show retaining the essence of the characters and the banter between them. Mallory will never stop being horribly self-righteous, and it shouldn't be any other way. You can't have Archer without Lana as his foil, and you certainly can't have a psychologically sane, completely un-deranged Cheryl.

Dedicated fans no doubt stood to get the most out of the season with a boatload of pretty awesome callbacks to previous episodes, from Archer calling Charlene/Cheryl 'Carol' and Lana's 'man hands' to Krieger being a biological clone of Hitler and DANGER ZONE.
The multi-episode arcs, however, were a little more hit-or-miss. The cocaine A-plot outstayed its welcome, and was ditched towards the end in favour of arms-dealing in the fictional country of the dictator-run San Marcos. (Cyril out of all people staging a one-man coup and becoming the new dictator? Excellent.) Meanwhile, Cheryl rebranding herself as Charlene the country star meandered along with no purpose until the last few episodes, and Lana's pregnancy wasn't the most fruitful in terms of chuckles.

In truth, many of Vice's funniest moments had little to do with the bigger picture. Archer, Cyril and Ray nervously floating on a raft over a river of alligators featured the sharp, hilarious and manic dialogue you'd expect from a great Archer instalment, but the top-notch humour was unrelated to the fact that they were fleeing South America after they were arrested for drug dealing. It could have been another spy assignment gone wrong, and the scene would have still worked.

Two exceptions, though. The season ended strong as Cyril's reign as dictator was played to much laughs. And second? Duh, obviously Pam the coke addict. Her sudden considerable weight loss as a result was hilarious as well.

More broadly, season five's format felt too structured and rigid. The standalone weekly instalments of yesteryear were often so bizarre and random in the best way possible, clearly written with jokes in mind. 'Archer should totally go to Monte Carlo and somehow end up in a Grand Prix race.' 'Wouldn't it be great if Archer's idol Burt Reynolds dated his mother?' 'What if ISIS went to friggin' space?'

In contrast, Vice was limited by what it could do. The jokes had to fit the story rather than vice versa, and ultimately, despite plenty of memorable moments, this batch of episodes didn't come across as creative or imaginative as seasons past.

Then, of course, there's the nostalgia factor. The heart of Archer is its characters, but there was something strange about not seeing the ISIS offices and the lack of spy quips and fumbles. The misadventures on the road weren't quite interesting enough to distract the void left behind.

So, was the reboot a mistake? It wasn't a complete success, but to call it a 'mistake' is harsh. Would I have preferred if they stuck with ISIS this year? Sure. But I find it very difficult to condemn the reboot decision when it was an admirable risk and came with good intentions. Besides, it still ended up being a very funny season, even if it wasn't quite on par to its usual lofty standards.

The season closed with Lana's baby born and ISIS to be resurrected. Though next season will see a return to the old format, it's intriguing knowing that it won't necessarily be a straight reset, and certainly piques our interest for what the writers have planned.

Between Archer revealed as the father to Lana's daughter, ISIS on the CIA's payroll, thin Pam and the possibility of the surviving Krieger being an imposter, Archer will be back but not without a few dynamic shifts.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lily Allen - Sheezus - Music Video

Music video for the new Lily Allen single, 'Sheezus'.

Hunter Hayes - Storyline Tour - Set List

This is what I would like to see from Hunter Hayes 'Storyline' tour.

  1. Storyline
  2. Wild Card
  3. Storm Warning
  4. Nothing Like Starting Over
  5. When Did You Stop Loving Me
  6. Love Makes Me
  7. Wanted
  8. Tattoo
  9. Flashlight
  10. Somebody’s Heartbreak
  11. Cry With You
  12. Still Fallin’
  13. Love Too Much
  14. Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me
  15. Secret Love
  16. If It’s Just Me
  17. Better Than This
  18. I Want Crazy
  19. What You Gonna Do
  20. ENCORE
  21. Invisible

Hunter Hayes - You Think You Know Someone - Live At Bridgestone

New song from Hunter Hayes.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Phillip Phillips - Fly - Audio

He just gets better and better with every song!

Phillip Phillips - Behind The Light - Tracklisting

Tracklisting for the brand new album from Phillip Phillips.
  1. Searchlight
  2. Raging Fire
  3. Trigger
  4. Lead On
  5. Alive Again
  6. Open Your Eyes
  7. Fool For You
  8. Thicket
  9. Fly
  10. Unpack Your Heart
  11. Face
  12. Midnight Sun
  13. My Boy
  14. Don't Trust Me
  15. Armless Crawler

Phillip Phillips - Fly - Lyrics

Brilliant lyrics to a recent song from Phillip Phillips.

written by P. Phillips

When the day is done
The wait is on my mind
How should I give up?
How should I survive?
Meaning to the side off the busy street
Looking down these people
Never notice me
Am I the only one who things it’s hard to breathe?

I feel it’s hard to say what’s on my mind
I feel it’s hard to say what’s not inside
You think your fight is over
It’s only so much closer
I reach my hands to the sky
And fly

Two thousand faces here but none will mind
Am I the only one with the reason behind?
Such a cool maze only to find another wall to break
Another wall to climb
It’s when I lose myself and then I realize

I feel it’s hard to say what’s on my mind
I feel it’s hard to say what’s not inside
You think your fight is over
It’s only so much closer
I reach my hands to the sky
And fly

Will & Grace To Return

A Will & Grace reunion is rumoured to be in the works.

The hit US sitcom about a gay man, Will, and his straight female best friend, Grace, originally ran for 184 episodes between 1998 and 2006 on US network CBS. In the UK, Will & Grace aired on Channel 4 throughout its eight-season run.

Now The WOW Report​, a popular blog affiliated with the TV production company behind RuPaul’s Drag Race, is reporting that a reunion special is being planned.

The four main cast members – Eric McCormack (Will), Debra Messing (Grace), Sean Hayes (Jack) and Megan Mullally (Karen) – are all said to be “on board”.

The original producers and director James L Burrows are reportedly returning for the reunion too.
Will & Grace was created by David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, who went on to create another sitcom for CBS, Partners, that was cancelled after 13 episodes in 2012.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Chocolate Rain - Lets Talk Chocolate - Part 2

More Easter Stuff.

Daniel Powter - Lie To Me - Music Video

Used to love this song!

Daniel Powter - Jimmy Gets High - Music Video

I used to listen to this song over and over!

Daniel Powter - Bad Day - Music Video

You just couldn't escape this song when it came out.

David Gray - The One I Love - Music Video

Some more David Gray.

David Gray - Please Forgive Me - Music Video

Always loved this song!

David Gray - Be Mine - Music Video

Some old school David Gray!

David Gray - Back In The World - Audio

Brand new single from David Gray. Love this song!

Lady Gaga - G.U.Y - KDrew Remix

Lady Gaga remix.

Lady Gaga - G.U.Y - Rami Samir Afuni Remix

Remix of 'G.U.Y' by Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga - G.U.Y - Wayne G Throwback Anthem

Remix of 'G.U.Y'.

Lady Gaga - G.U.Y - Lovelife Remix

Remix of Lady Gaga's current single.

Phillip Phillips - Raging Fire - Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes of Phillip Phillips new singles music video.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Creme Egg Chocolate Brownies - Recipe

These look brilliant!

Easter Egg Hunt - Part 1 - Sorted Food

Loved this video.

Barbra Streisand Talks About 'The Normal Heart'

Barbra Streisand has spoken about her struggle to direct her own adaptation of The Normal Heart.
The singer and actress acquired the rights to Larry Kramer’s play in 1985 and spent ten years working with another writer to develop a “cinematic” screenplay, before the rights reverted back to Kramer.

Streisand told The Hollywood Reporter “When I saw The Normal Heart in 1985 I was very moved and immediately contacted Larry to acquire the rights.

“After going through several drafts with Larry in my director capacity, I hired another writer to develop a screenplay that was faithful to Larry’s play – but adapting it to make it more cinematic.

“It was finished in 1995. Ralph Fiennes and Kenneth Branagh were interested in doing the version that I worked on.”

Streisand explained how she struggled to raise enough money to make the film due to the “controversial nature of the material” at the time. She added that Kramer was unwilling to go forward for any less than $1,000,000 (approximately £600,000).

“After 10 years, the rights reverted back to Larry. But even when I had no contractual involvement, I still persisted in pressing to get The Normal Heart made, purely because I believed in the project,” she said.
The 71-year-old said it was hard to hear Kramer blame her for the movie not getting off the ground, adding: “I worked on it for 25 years, without pay. Larry had the rights for the last 15 years and he couldn’t get it made, either. Those are the facts.”

Kramer offered Streisand the opportunity to direct the film in 2007, but she turned down the offer as Kramer wanted to go forward with his own screenplay.
She concluded: “I will always believe in Larry’s play and its powerful theme about everyone’s right to love. It’s been 28 years since I tried to get this piece made… so much has happened since. But I’m glad it’s finally here.”

The Normal Heart – starring Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer and Julia Roberts – will air on HBO on May 25. It will air on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

George Michael - Going To A Town - Live Music Video

My favourite song from George Michael's new 'Symphonica' album.

The Rains Of Castamere - Game Of Thrones - Lannister Song - Extended Audio

This song is proving pretty popular right now!

Ed Sheeran - Don't - Audio

This song is brilliant! Amazing lyrics. Can't wait until this gets released.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past - Opening Battle Sequence

Here is the opening battle sequence of X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lady Gaga - Roseland Ballroom - Set List

This is the official set list for all 7 nights at the Roseland Ballroom. Good to see her doing some old fan favourites. 
  1. Born This Way (acoustic piano version)
  2. Black Jesus † Amen Fashion
  3. Monster
  4. Bad Romance
  5. Sexxx Dreams
  6. Dope (acoustic piano version)
  7. Yoü And I
  8. Just Dance
  9. Poker Face
  10. Artpop (instrumental interlude)
  11. Applause
  12. G.U.Y

Katy Perry - Birthday - Lyric Video

Lyric video for Katy Perry's new single.

Phillip Phillips - Raging Fire - Music Video

Music video for the new single from Phillip Phillips.

Paolo Nutini - One Day - Audio

A brilliant song from the new album of Paolo Nutini.

Paolo Nutini - Better Man - Acoustic Version

Acoustic version of 'Better Man', a song from Paolo Nutini's amazing new album, 'Caustic Love'.

Paolo Nutini - Last Request - Acoustic Version

Acoustic version of the brilliant 'Last Request' by Paolo Nutini.

Ed Sheeran - X - Album Cover

Album cover for Ed Sheeran's 'X' album.

James Blunt - Postcards - Music Video

Music video for James Blunt's new single, 'Postcards'.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Ed Sheeran - X - Tracklisting

Official tracklisting for Ed Sheeran's new album 'X'.
  1. One
  2. Mess
  3. Sing
  4. Don't
  5. Nina
  6. Photo
  7. Bloodstream
  8. Tenerife
  9. Runaway
  10. The Man
  11. Thinking Out Loud
  12. Afire Love
Deluxe Edition
  1. Take It Back
  2. Even My Dad Does
  3. Shirtsleeves
  4. I See Fire

Phillip Phillips - Behind The Light - Album Cover

Album cover for Phillip Phillips new album.

James Blunt - Blue On Blue - Music Video

Music video from James Blunt for 'Blue On Blue'.

James Blunt - Sun On Sunday - Unplugged

Unplugged performance from James Blunt.

James Blunt - Face The Sun - Unplugged

Unplugged performance of 'Face The Sun'.

James Blunt - Miss America - Unplugged

James Blunt gives an acoustic performance of 'Miss America'.

James Blunt - Satellites - Lyric Video

Lyric video for 'Satellites'.

Lady Gaga - Do What U Want - Solo Version - Audio

Solo version of 'Do What U Want', without R. Kelly or Christina Aguilera.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kylie Minogue - I Was Gonna Cancel - Lyric Video

Lyric video for Kylie's next single.

Coldplay - Ghost Stories Tour - Set List

This is what I would like to see from Coldplay's upcoming tour to promote their new album 'Ghost Stories'. The album is said to be a more relaxed and gentle Coldplay, so the tour would represent that, showcasing mainly their ballads. 
  1. Always In My Head
  2. M.M.I.X/Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
  3. Ink
  4. Magic
  5. True Love
  6. In My Place
  7. Clocks
  8. Oceans
  9. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  10. Speed Of Sound
  11. Another's Arms
  12. Trouble
  13. A Sky Full Of Stars/Up In Flames/Up With The Birds
  14. O/O (Part II/Reprise)
  15. Violet Hill
  16. Politik
  17. The Scientist
  18. Charlie Brown
  19. Life In Technicolor (intro only)/Viva La Vida
  20. What If (first verse and chorus only)/Fix You
  21. ENCORE
  22. Midnight
  23. Paradise

Coldplay - Magic - Sport Relief 2014 Performance

Performance of Coldplay's brilliant new single, 'Magic'.

Cher - You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me - Live, Phoenix 2014

A live performance of 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' from Cher, from her current tour, 'Dressed To Kill'.

Sam Smith - Nirvana - Acoutsic

Acoustic performance of 'Nirvana' by Sam Smith.

Sam Smith - Latch - Acoustic

Acoustic performance of 'Latch' from Sam Smith.

Ed Sheeran - YouTuber Q&A

An interview with Ed Sheeran, presented by Jack Harries.

Hunter Hayes - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes of Hunter Hayes recording his cover of the Elton John classic 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Ed Sheeran - Sing - Audio

New single from Ed Sheeran.

Sam Smith - The Lonely Hour Tour - Set List

This is what I would like to see from Sam Smith's first tour.
  1. The Lonely Hour (performed acoustically, end becomes next song)
  2. Lay Me Down (performed acoustically until final chorus)
  3. Money On My Mind
  4. Good Thing
  5. Nirvana
  6. Together
  7. Leave Your Lover
  8. Restart
  9. I’ve Told You Now
  10. Reminds Me Of You
  11. I’m Not The Only One
  12. Like I Can
  13. Life Support
  14. Not In That Way
  15. Make It To Me
  16. La, La, La
  17. Latch
  18. ENCORE
  19. Stay With Me