Saturday, 22 November 2014

One Direction - Night Changes - Music Video

Music video for the new single, 'Night Changes', from One Direction.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Take That - These Days - Music Video

New music video, from the now 3 peice, Take That.

Olly Murs - Wrapped Up - Music Video

New single from Olly Murs.

Olly Murs - Never Been Better Tour - Set List

This is what I would like to see from Olly Murs's new tour.

  1. Did You Miss Me
  2. Heart Skips A Beat
  3. I’ve Tried Everything
  4. Oh My Goodness
  5. Beautiful To Me
  6. Never Been Better
  7. Loud & Clear
  8. Up
  9. Seasons
  10. Dear Darlin’
  11. Dance With Me Tonight
  12. I Blame Hollywood
  13. Please Don’t Let Me Go
  14. This Song Is About You
  15. Hey You Beautiful
  16. Wrapped Up
  17. Thinking Of Me
  18. Right Place, Right Time
  19. ENCORE
  20. Hope You Got What You Came For
  21. Troublemaker

Friday, 7 November 2014

Bette Midler - Its The Girls Tour - Set List

This is what I would love to see from a tour promoting Bette Midlers new album 'Its The Girls'.

  1. Big Noise From Winnetka
  2. One Fine Day
  3. Friends
  4. Be My Baby
  5. Mr. Sandman/Tell Him
  6. Baby Its You
  7. The Rose
  8. Do You Want To Dance
  9. You Don’t Own Me
  10. MEDLEY: Come And Get These Memories/I’ll Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry/Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most/I Think It’s Going To Rain Today
  11. From A Distance
  12. DELORIS DELAGO SEGMENT: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)/The Showgirl Must Go On
  13. Miss Otis Regrets
  14. It’s The Girl/Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
  15. Waterfalls
  16. Stay With Me
  17. ENCORE
  18. The Glory Of Love
  19. Wind Beneath My Wings

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Prince - SNL Performance - Set List

Prince took a huge risk of performing a huge 8minute medley of new songs from his two new albums 'Art Official Age' and 'Plectrumelectrum' on SNL this week. However the risk paid off and he gave an incredible performance. The set list was as follows.


Monday, 3 November 2014

Mary J Blige - Nobody But You - Audio

Another great song from Mary J Blige's new album 'The London Sessions'.

Mary J Blige - Right Now - Music Video

New single from Mary J Blige.

Mary J Blige - Whole Damn Year - Lyric Video

Lyric video for another brilliant new single from Mary J Blige.

Mary J Blige - Therapy - Audio

Brilliant new single from Mary J Blige.

Sam Smith - Like I Can - Audio

I think maybe In The Lonely Hour has outrun its singles now, even though every song on the album is brilliant, it may be time for a very new single. That said I love 'Like I Can', although would have rathered 'I've Told You Now' as a single.

One Republic - I Lived - Music Video

Music video for the brilliant single, 'I Lived', by One Republic.

Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life - Audio

New single from Imagine Dragons.

One Direction - Steal My Girl - Acoustic Version

Acoustic version of One Direction's new hit single 'Steal My Girl'.

Culture Club - More Than Silence - Live, Heaven 2014

Live performance of Culture Clubs new single, 'More Than Silence' from their forthcoming new album 'Tribes', their first in 15 years!

Damien Rice - My Favourite Faded Fantasy Tour - Set List

The album is so perfect that the tour could easily be just the album, however a few extra songs would be good too.

  1. My Favourite Faded Fantasy
  2. The Box
  3. The Greatest Bastard
  4. Delicate
  5. Volcano
  6. Colour Me In
  7. It Takes A Lot To Know A Man
  8. I Don’t Want To Change You
  9. 9 Crimes
  10. Trusty And True
  11. ENCORE
  12. Cannonball
  13. Long Long Way

Damien Rice - My Favourite Faded Fantasy - Tracklisting

This is such an incredible album.
  1. My Favourite Faded Fantasy
  2. It Takes A Lot To Know A Man
  3. The Greatest Bastard
  4. I Don't Want To Change You
  5. Colour Me In
  6. The Box
  7. Trusty And True
  8. Long Long Way

Damien Rice - I Don't Want To Change You - Music Video

Love this song and the album it comes from, 'My Favourite Faded Fantasy'.

Simply Red - Big Love Tour - Set List

To mark 30 years, Simply Red will be going on tour with a show called Big Love. Assuming all the songs are love songs in the show, this is what I would like to see from it. A Simply Red show wouldn't be complete without 'Money's Too Tight (To Mention)' so its worked into 'Come To My Aid'. The show would feature mainly hits but also the occasional fan favourite.

  1. Instrumental Opening/Something Got Me Started
  2. Say You Love Me
  3. You’ve Got It
  4. Stars
  5. For Your Babies
  6. You Make Me Feel Brand New
  7. It’s Only Love
  8. A New Flame
  9. Maybe Someday
  10. Smile
  11. The Air That I Breathe
  12. Holding Back The Years
  13. Thrill Me
  14. Ain’t That A Lot Of Love
  15. Sunrise
  16. Come To My Aid/Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)
  17. The Right Thing
  18. Fairground
  19. Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye
  20. ENCORE
  21. If You Don’t Know Me By Now