Friday, 27 April 2012

Lady Gaga - Born This Way Ball - Official Set List

Lady gaga kicked off her Born This Way Ball last night and here is the official set list of what she performed. While everything is there I feel like she shouldn't be putting the likes of 'Telephone', 'Just Dance' and 'Poker Face' in a medley. They are too bigger hits and should be performed in full. Also 'Marry The Night' as an encore is a bizarre choice. 

  1. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) 
  2. Government Hooker 
  3. Born This Way 
  4. Bloody Mary 
  5. Bad Romance 
  6. Fashion Of His Love/The Queen 
  7. Just Dance/LoveGame/Telephone 
  8. Judas 
  9. Heavy Metal Lover 
  10. Bad Kids 
  11. Hair (Acoustic) 
  12. Yoü And I (Acoustic) 
  13. Electric Chapel 
  14. Americano 
  15. Poker Face/Alejandro/Paparazzi 
  16. Sheiße 
  17. The Edge Of Glory 
  18. ENCORE 
  19. Marry The Night


  1. best concert ever :) i seen her live at Staples Center in Los Angeles Ca on Jan 21 2013 she was Amazing cant wait to see her again :)