Thursday, 24 July 2014

Will Young - One Night Only - Set List

Will Young has been away for a while and it would be great to see this setlist from him and to bring back some old hits and favourites.

  1. Opening (contains elements of ‘Keep On’)
  2. Come On (contains ‘Keep On’ instrumental opening)
  3. Switch It On
  4. I Just Want A Lover
  5. I Won’t Give Up
  6. Let It Go
  7. Interlude I (contains elements of ‘Hearts On Fire’)
  8. Light My Fire
  9. Silent Valentine
  10. All Time Love
  11. Grace
  12. Interlude II (contains elements of ‘Who Am I’)
  13. Friday’s Child
  14. Over You
  15. Your Game
  16. Stronger
  17. Interlude III (contains elements of ‘Losing Myself’)
  18. Changes
  19. Losing Myself
  20. MEDLEY
    1. Love Is A Matter Of Distance
    2. Anything Is Possible
    3. Evergreen
  21. Love The One You’re With
  22. You And I
  23. Leave Right Now
  24. ENCORE
  25. Jealousy

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