Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Albums In Video: ... But Seriously - Phil Collins

'...But Seriously' is the fourth full-length studio album by Phil Collins. While much of the album follows the same formula as Collins' previous album, No Jacket Required (1985), there was also a move towards more organic production as Collins chose to utilise live instrumentation instead of drum machines and prominently used keyboards. 

The tone of the album is serious, as the title suggests. Instead of focusing entirely on personal relationships, dark psychedelics, and simple fun, Collins expands his focus to the exploration of socio-economic and political themes. There is great emotional turmoil underneath the polished studio production, and many of the songs are unambiguous and unveiled in their melancholy.

The album spawned many of Collins' most memorable hits. The classic 'Another Day In Paradise', 'Something Happened On The Way To Heaven', 'Hang In Long Enough' and the lesser known but equally as brilliant 'Do You Remember?' and 'That's Just The Way It Is'. With thanks to a hugely successful tour, the album also saw promotional video's for the album, such as 'Colours' and 'All Of My Life', regardless of the songs not being released as singles.

These are the lesser known promotional videos for the album.

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