Sunday, 30 March 2014

Eminem & Rihanna - The Monster Tour - Set List

This is what I would like to see from 'The Monster Tour' by Eminem and Rihanna.

  1. INTRODUCTION (contains elements of ‘Love The Way You Lie’)
  2. The Monster (Eminem & Rihanna)
  3. Not Afraid (Eminem & Rihanna)
  4. Numb (Rihanna & Eminem)
  5. Diamonds (Rihanna)
  6. Where Have You Been (Rihanna)
  7. We Found Love (Rihanna)
  8. Unfaithful/Stay (Rihanna)
  9. Survival (Eminem)
  10. Like Toy Soldiers (Eminem)
  11. Cleaning Out My Closet (Eminem)
  12. Sing For The Moment (Eminem)
  13. Stan (Eminem & Rihanna)
  14. Umbrella/Rude Boy/Shut Up And Drive (Rihanna)
  15. Jump (Rihanna)
  16. What’s My Name (Rihanna)
  17. What Now (Rihanna)
  18. The Real Slim Shady (Eminem)
  19. My Name Is/Without Me/Just Lose It (Eminem)
  20. Lose Yourself (Eminem)
  21. Only Girl (In The World)/S&M/Don’t Stop The Music (Rihanna)
  22. ENCORE
  23. Love The Way You Lie (Part II)/Love The Way You Lie (Eminem & Rihanna)

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