Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once Tour - Set List

This is what I would like to see from Kylie's upcoming 'Kiss Me Once' tour.

  1. OPENING (contains elements of ‘Kissing’ by Bliss)
  2. Kiss Me Once
  3. Timebomb
  4. Skirt
  5. Nu-di-ty (opening)/Sexy Love
  6. Sexcersize (verse and chorus only)/Slow
  7. Red Blooded Woman
  8. Les Sex (song breaks down after second chorus and turns into one chorus of ‘Chocolate’)
  9. On A Night Like This
  10. INTERLUDE I (contains elements of ‘Finer Feelings’)
  11. Come Into My World (abbey road style)
  12. Better The Devil You Know (abbey road style)
  13. All The Lovers (abbey road style into regular version on chorus 2)
  14. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
  15. INTERLUDE II (contains elements of ‘Dangerous Game’)
  16. If Only
  17. Beautiful
  18. Confide In Me
  19. INTERLUDE III (contains elements of acapella version ‘It’s No Secret’)
  20. MEDLEY
    1. Shocked
    2. Wouldn’t Change A Thing (contains elements of ‘It’s No Secret’)
    3. Got To Be Certain
    4. Step Back In Time
    5. I Should Be So Lucky
  21. Hand On Your Heart
  22. Spinning Around (disco version – contains elements of ‘Got To Be Real’ & ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’)
  23. INTERLUDE IV (contains elements of ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’)
  24. Million Miles
  25. Into The Blue
  26. Love At First Sight
  27. ENCORE
  28. Never Too Late (abbey road version)


  1. Nice, here is my imagined setlist:

    1. Kiss me once
    2. Spinning around
    3. Come into my world (same version as on the FYFM tour)

    4. I was gonna cancel
    5. In my arms
    6. Red blooded woman (Turns into first verse + chorus of "Loving days" at the bridge)

    7. 2 hearts (freemasons remix)
    8. If only
    9. Your disco needs you!
    10. Sexercize

    11. Feels so good
    12. Cover song

    13. Les Sex
    14. Put your hands up (if you feel love)
    15. Love at first sight

    16. Finer Feelings (abbey road style)
    17. Can't get you out of my head

    18. Beautiful
    19. All the lovers
    20. I believe in you
    21. Hand on your heart
    22. Fine

    23. Never too late (abbey road style)
    24. Into the blue

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  3. Sexercise
    Get Outta My Way

    I Was Gonna Cancel
    Feels So Good
    Spinning Around / Upside Down (Diana Ross Cover)

    Confide In Me
    Finer Feelings/Where Is The Feeling
    If Only
    Sleeping With The Enemy

    Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Abbey Road)
    Million Miles
    Never Too Late (Abbey Road)

    On A Night Like This
    In Your Eyes
    Les Sex
    Sexy Love

    Come Into My World
    I Believe In You
    All The Lovers
    Kiss Me Once

    Love At First Sight
    Into The Blue

  4. Mine is

    Kiss me once
    Les sex
    In my arms

    Sexerzie/ red blooded woman
    Let's get to it (remix)

    If only
    I believe in you
    All the lovers

    Medley- shocked, what do I have to do, better the devil, hand in your heart, got to be a certain

    Mr president/skirt
    On a night
    I was gunna cancel
    Spinning around

    Feels so good
    Love at first sight

    Into the blue

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  6. 0.Feels so good intro 1 Into the blue 2 wow/sexy love 3 love at first sight 2014 version 4 hand on your heart 5 cant get you out of my head 2014 version 6 the one freemasons rmx 7 in your eyes 8 slow/sexercize/red blooded woman 9 les sex 10 your disco needs you 11confide in me 12 finer feelings abbey road version 13 i believe in you orchestral instrumental interlude 14put yourself in my place 15better the devil u know shakers and movers rmx 16 step back in time/spinning around/on a night like this 17 never too late abbey version 18 light years/turn into love 19 all the lovers encore 20 beautiful 21 kiss me once

  7. Wow! Love these set list.
    This would be mine....

    1- Can't get you out of my head (blue monday remix)
    2- Timebomb
    3-Spinning around

    4- sexercise
    6-In your eyes
    7- better the devil you know
    8-kiss me once

    9-All the lovers
    10-I was gunna cancel
    11- A million miles away

    13-Les sex/fever/Les sex
    14-Red blooded women
    15-Get out of my way
    16-Your disco needs you

    17- Finer feelings/Purple rain
    18-I believe in you
    19- Beautiful

    20- melody
    - Hand on your heart
    -Never too late
    -shocked/What do I have to do
    - expecially for you

    21-Million miles away
    22-On a night like this

    24- Into the blue
    25-Love at first sight

  8. These are great!
    Mine would be:

    - Sexercize (iHeartKylie version)
    - Slow
    - In My Arms
    - Feels So Good
    INTERLUDE Parts of the Hot Mouth Remix of Skirt
    - Skirt
    - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Le Gran Journal 2014 version)
    - I Was Gonna Cancel
    - I Believe in You (125 bpm)
    INTERLUDE simply the piano
    - White Diamond (Ballad)
    - The One (Ballad)
    - Beautiful
    - Chocolate
    - Fine (Acoustic)
    INTERLUDE instrumental intro and chorus of Into the Blue
    - Into the Blue
    - If Only
    - Come into My World (Acoustic)
    - Wow (Acoustic)

    INTERLUDE 7th District Mental Club Mix of Spinning Around
    - Spinning Around
    - Red Blooded Woman
    - MEDLEY
    - Shocked
    - Always Find the Time
    - Give Me Just a Little More Time
    - Dancefloor
    - Better the Devil You Know
    - Shocked
    - In Your Eyes / Give it To Me (proper mash-up)
    - The Locomotion (Abbey Road Version)
    - Better than Today
    INTERLUDE Master Mix of Confide in Me opening
    - Confide in Me (similar to Aphrodite Tour Version)
    - Breathe (Abbey Road Version)
    - On a Night Like This
    - Les Sex
    - Get Outta My Way
    INTERLUDE instrumental verse and chorus of Million Miles
    - Million Miles
    - Giving You Up
    - Light Years
    - Sexy Love
    INTERLUDE Style of Eye remix of Timebomb
    - Timebomb
    - All the Lovers
    - Kiss Me Once
    - Never Too Late (Abbey Road Version)
    - Love at First Sight (iHeartKylie Version)