Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Coldplay - Ghost Stories Live 2014 - Tracklisting

Its a bit disappointing that this album is literally just Ghost Stories live. Would have been nice to have had one or two extra songs from previous albums. That said its a great album and will be good to hear it live. The album will also be released with the live performances on DVD/BluRay and music videos. 

  1. Always In My Head [Live, Royal Albert Hall, London]
  2. Magic [Live, Enmore Theatre, Sydney]
  3. Ink [Live, Le Casino De Paris, Paris]
  4. True Love [Enmore Theatre, Sydney]
  5. Midnight [Live, Royal Albert Hall, London]
  6. Another's Arms [Live, Beacon Theatre, New York City]
  7. Oceans [Live, E-Werk, Cologne]
  8. A Sky Full Of Stars [Live, Royal Albert Hall, London]
  9. O [Live, Royce Hall, Los Angeles]
Music Videos
  1. Midnight
  2. Magic [Extended Director's Cut]
  3. A Sky Full Of Stars
  4. True Love
  5. Ink [Live, Royal Albert Hall, London]
  6. All Your Friends
  7. Ghost Story
  8. Always In My Head [Artwork Animation]
  9. Always In My Head [Alternate Live Take]
  10. Oceans [Alternate Live Take]

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